Terms & Conditions of using Payment Gateway

  • If you are using the Payment gateway to pay online using Debit/Credit Cards or Net banking. You are doing so with the consultation/approval of the card owner (if case if you are not the card holder yourself).
  • If the payment is not processed because of any reason you are supposed to deposit cash in our Account within next 24 hours else the booking will be cancelled.
  • If transaction is found suspicious by our risk management team and to protect your payment from potential fraud, we are forced to identify the credit card holder before we proceed with the payment. You may be asked to submit identification proof along with front copy of your credit card by email to complete your transaction. Failing which your transaction will be cancelled.
  • Please get in touch with our nearest support office to get help in this regard or email us.
  • Transaction processing charge will be borne by the user for using the payment Gateway.
  • If the transaction has been cancelled by the user, processing charges still may apply to the Agent/card holder.
  • Payment Gateway is an additional Payment option available for the user and is not the only option for making Payments. You can contact your nearest support office to make your reservation by paying cash or transferring funds via wire transfers.

Credit Card Information
Redappletravel.com does not store your full credit card information on our servers. We do, however, store only the last 4 digits of your card number so that we can remind you later of the card you used during the reservation process.

Cancellation and Refund Policy
Each hotel/service provider has its own deposits and cancellation policy; we apply exactly the same only after we receive the same from the Hotel/service provider. If you have any questions or issues with reservation cancellation or refund, please do not hesitate to contact us.